Continuing Education Credit


We think every category of care-provider deserves the revitalizing opportunity of the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training.  We certainly welcome care-providers of every kind.  And we know, many of these professions have state regulatory requirements for continuing education.  The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training provides important education for a professional care-provider.  But because so many different categories of professionals attend the training, we have not been able to make credentialing  arrangements with each separate regulatory office or department.

VitalHearts is now credentialed to offer continuing education credits for Licensed Clinical Social Workers in Colorado.  The National Association of Social Workers Colorado Chapter will award 24 hours for social workers who complete the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training.  The NASW continuing education requirement is 50 hours every two years, so our training provides nearly one year’s worth of continuing education through the three day training.

For many professions, what we have learned is if participants to the training submit two items – the Agenda and Unit Objectives page (from the workbook) plus the Certificate of Achievement (provided at the end of the training), most regulatory offices are accepting the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training as a continuing education experience.  We anticipate over the next year, to receive pre-approval for more professions.

VitalHearts’ mission is caring for the care-providers.  This is crucial continuing education.  We hope you agree.