Treating Vicarious Trauma

The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training is a program of great power, treating vicarious trauma at it's root.  This secondary trauma treatment is experienced by those who work in fields of high emotional trauma as having great relevance and huge professional and personal impact.  This training helps normalize and attenuate secondary trauma and reduce the shame often engendered by these stress reactions, while creating valuable mental health tools, increasing care-providers’ ability to work from a place of compassion, enabling them to receive the full measure of self-esteem available from their work, and gaining resiliency regardless of the nature of their organization.  Our post-training evaluations have regularly shown that over 95% of participants report improvement in their secondary traumatic stress symptoms or reactions.  People complete the training revitalized, more capable of continuing their work, possessing new skills that enable them to find effective ways of processing or containing the traumas they encounter in their work.  Not infrequently, we have been told that this training has saved people’s careers.

The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training is led by Henry Tobey, a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in working with people affected by violent trauma (including staff and students from the Columbine High School shootings and assisting victims of the World Trade Center bombings, and more recently survivors of the Aurora movie theater shooting).  Every training includes a second trainer who is a subject matter specialist in the professions of the participants. 

We believe this training provides an answer to a critical question:  how do we protect care-providers who are being torn down by so much of what they encounter in their work and instead create the resiliency which allows these workers to continue their vital human services?

Secondary Trauma Treatment