"I have reached a point in my career where I feel it is definitely vital to my heart

(and my work) that I take care of myself and the secondary trauma I face!" - Christy E.


VitalHearts | The Resiliency Training Initiative is a 501(c)3 charitable organization whose mission is caring for care-providers.  Secondary trauma or vicarious trauma is a significant, although hidden problem for those in our society who treat the emotionally traumatized.  Our program, the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training offers a comprehensive approach to Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue.

The deep exposure to all the suffering afflicting their patients or clients multiplied case after case, has the likely effect of traumatizing care-providers.  Of course, unlike the primary sufferers of trauma, it is not direct.  Care providers are not bloodied, nor do they lose loved ones, but instead they suffer an accretion of exposure to the traumas, many of them violent or life-threatening, suffered by those they treat.  That, in turn, diminishes care provider effectiveness, creates compassion fatigue, and shortens their tenure.  It is important to acknowledge the great emotional rewards of this work.  That is the reason it is so worth treating vicarious trauma rather than just accepting the departure of care-providers.


The healers need healing. Secondary trauma or vicarious trauma can profoundly impact professionals through emotional depletion, depression and anxiety, a sense of isolation or helplessness, anger, irritability, and cynicism. These are not problems which overtake less competent care providers. It is, ironically, those with the greatest capacity for feeling and expressing empathy who are most at risk for secondary trauma.

Secondary Trauma Treatment

If You Work In...

• Mental health agencies

• Public Health nursing / at risk mothers & infants programs

​​• Victim services - child abuse, sexual violence prevention/counseling, domestic violence, victim assistance units
• Substance abuse treatment
• High morbidity medical services-ICUs, ERs, oncology, neurotrauma, hospice, AIDS
• Homelessness/poverty

...this training is for you.

What the Training Offers

Three days • Enough time to really get it! • Enough time to unwind • Integrating valuable self-support tools • Learning Empathy vs. Compassion • Acknowledging Multiple Motivations • Letting Go of the Attachment to the Outcome • Protecting against the "Armoring of the Heart" • Increasing professional effectiveness • Finding greater job satisfaction • Beautiful, peaceful setting • Powerful experiential learning • Lightness & fun, too!