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hand holding out a red heart with white vital signs

Become a Donor

"You are healing the world with this training.  I hope you remain resourced so that it continues, so that its reverberations reach far and wide."
- Past Participant

Giving to VitalHearts

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, VitalHearts® invites you to make a tax-deductible donation. Your donation to VitalHearts serves so many crucial care-providers​ and in turn many incredibly worthy social needs.

Participants of our trainings work in hospice care, oncology, emergency services, traumatic brain injury, mental health, public health, substance abuse treatment and homelessness. They serve victims of domestic violence, rape, child abuse, and other violent crimes.

​“How can I see so much suffering and pain every day?”  That’s the challenge our participants face.  VitalHearts' trainings revitalize these ‘angels’ and help them find ways to continue their great work.

VitalHearts’ mission is caring for the care-providers.  Your gift enables us to give this gift. Thank you for your generosity!

Our Impact

Foundations support worthy causes like homelessness, victims of crime and high morbidity medical fields. However, rarely are the professionals who are called to work in these fields of high emotional demand supported directly. Our training revitalizes and saves the careers of care-providers. Learn more about the impact this training has had on our participants.

Nurse holding stethoscope in shape of heart - Image by Patty Brito

What Our Participants Are Saying

"This training was a true gift. I feel that I can been given the space to be appreciated and to appreciate. I felt my defenses melt away and feel in touch with my heart again."

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