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"VR +"

Vital Resiliency
& the VR+ Community

Login to Vital Resiliency™ for ongoing Resiliency Training Support in a Private, Secure, Safe and Advertising Free online community.

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What Is Vital Resiliency™?

Vital Resiliency™  is a comprehensive, and individually tailored solution which provides hospitals, integrated health networks and other medical / health related institutions a Secondary Trauma Risk Analysis and customized roadmap for resiliency training.

VR+ Is Our Private On-Line Community Exclusive To:

  • Professional care-providers who have completed or are interested in the VitalHearts' Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training.

  • Professionals who are Certified Trainers in the VitalHearts Training Methodology and Curriculum.

  • Advanced Medical, Nursing and Other Patient Care Students who are interested in learning more about Resiliency Training.

Healthcare Worker Joining VR+ Private Online Community on laptop

Join the VR+ online community! Some of the benefits to our members include:

Additional and/or Advanced Resiliency Training

Peer Support with other community members

Exclusive offers on value-added products and services from our Partners and Supporters

Private 1:1 on-line conversations between members

Group conversations between members

Periodic on-line meet-ups with guest speakers of interest to our community

Admission to our Private Community is open to anyone who is interested in or completed a Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training!

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